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Chuanhai International Shipping ((CHH)) was established in 2010, which specializes in dispatching professional merchant crew and ocean fishermen from Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines and other countries to Dalian, Zhoushan, Yantai, Shanghai, Fuzhou and other shipowners in China; and more, we also have a large number of senior and general crew demands from Wisdom Marine Group and Shih Wei Navigation Co. in Taiwan of China. Currently, CHH focuses on providing AB, OILER and senior crew from Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries to domestic flag ships in China. 

CHH is now committed to becoming the most cost-effective foreign crew dispatch company. We will advise our shipowners on the crew candidates based on the ship type, flag, route, and the wages on offer. In favor of our shipowners, we will keep the management fees and wages within the most reasonable range to meet the shipowners’ needs. The certificates that our crew possess are authentic and valid. Our crew are honest and willing to work with long period of contracts. With low wages and high quality of our crew, the shipowners can practically cut down the cost dramatically.

Our company is the only Chinese shipping company certified by the Philippine Embassy, which entitles us to legally dispatch Philippine crew and fishermen to domestic ships. Meanwhile, we have set up offices in Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Foreign crew business:

1. Myanmar general / officer

2. Vietnamese general / officer

3. Interns and regular crew members from Bangladesh 

4. Indonesian oil crew and tugboat crew

5. Philippine crew

Crew candidates selecting procedures:

1.Verify the certificates and qualification

2.Evaluate crew’s English level


Interview process:

1.Submit resume 

2.Provide self introduction video 

3.Set up a telephone or video interview