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Captain's attention! Domestic sewage to do so.
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Case study "Case 1: Wuhan, a round (gross tonnage: 5621, host power: 1920KW) from Xiangshan to Ningbo during the voyage process, in August 16, 2016 1030, at latitude 29 ° 39.885 ', longitude 121 ° 53.726 'near the open sewage through the sea valve, has not been closed after the valve until the August 18, 2010 1030 during berthing by the maritime law enforcement officers found to be closed, resulting in the round of the above period of time to the marine emissions (The total tonnage: 22359, the host power: 5830KW) from Taizhou to Ningbo during the voyage of the process, in the course of the sailing of the territory of China. Arrived at the port of Ningbo, at 1530 on August 15, 1630. The anchor was anchored at 29 ° 46.0 'north latitude and 122 ° 26.1' east longitude. During the mooring period, the round of its domestic sewage treatment unit The valve has been overhauled on the 16th, and on the 16th 0630, the berth of the No. 2 berth in the house of Ningbo is located. After the overhaul, the sewer valve of the domestic sewage treatment device is always in the open state, To the law enforcement officers during the ship inspection period (1530 to 16:30 on the 16th) a total of about 30 cubic meters of untreated domestic sewage to the sea.

The above two ships are in violation of Article 15 (1) of Article 15 (1) of MARPOL 73/78 and Article 5 of Annex IV of the Convention on the Control of Marine Pollution by Sea Chapter 5, Section 1.3.1. The ship has a valid marine ship to prevent domestic sewage pollution certificate, but the captain of the crew of the specific provisions of the Convention and the lack of accurate understanding of domestic laws and regulations, the lack of careful management of domestic sewage treatment, and ultimately illegal discharge of domestic sewage of the two ships facing Up to 30,000 yuan of administrative penalties.

Punishment analysis and interpretation of a lot of people believe that there are doubts, what is the domestic sewage? How to discharge the sewage to be considered compliance from the recent land is how to identify?

(Hereinafter referred to as "MARPOL73 / 78"), "Regulations on the Prevention of Contamination of Domestic Sewage by Ships", which is amended by the 1973 Protocol to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973 (hereinafter referred to as "MARPOL73 / 78"), Type of toilet and urinal effluent and other waste; 2) Discharge of sinks, baths and drainage holes in the infirmary (pharmacy, ward, etc.); 3) Discharge of premises containing live animals ; 4) other waste water mixed with the effluent as defined above.

How to discharge domestic sewage?

In addition to the exception to Article 3 of MARPOL73 / 78 Annex IV, the discharge of domestic sewage is prohibited, except in the following requirements:

1. Dispose of smashed and disinfectated domestic sewage, or discharges unleavished or disinfected or live from live animals, at a distance of 12 nautical miles from the nearest land, using equipment approved by the competent authority at a distance of 3 nautical miles from the nearest land Sewage. However, in any case, the domestic sewage stored in the tanks shall not be discharged immediately, but shall be discharged at an appropriate rate when the ship is sailing at a speed not less than 4 knots, and the discharge rate shall be approved by the Administration.

2. The ship is equipped with a domestic sewage treatment plant approved by the competent authority, 1) the experimental results of the installation have been included in the International Pollution Prevention Report; and 2) the effluent should not be visible in the surrounding water Floating solid, nor should the surrounding water discolor.

Important note: "MARPOL73 / 78" Annex IV on September 27, 2003 formally entered into force, July 7, 2007 formally on China's entry into force. At the same time, China has formulated a series of detailed implementation provisions for the contents of the Convention, including the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of the Marine Environment, the Regulations on the Administration of Marine Environmental Pollution Control and Marine Maritime Administrative Punishment. Which in violation of "MARPOL73 / 78" Annex IV emissions of domestic sewage will be subject to the severity of the incident to more than 20,000 yuan fine of 100,000 yuan.

What is "recent land"?

According to the definition of the MARPOL73 / 78 Convention, "from the nearest land" means the distance of a territory in accordance with international law to delineate its territorial sea baseline, except for the northeastern sea of Australia. Therefore, "recent land" is not a physical or general land, where "nearest land" refers to the territorial sea baselines laid down by China under the International Convention on the Law of the Sea.
Where is the territorial sea baseline? The 1996 Statement on the Baseline of the Territory of the People's Republic of China sets out the territorial waters of some of our territorial waters from 78 basis points. Which refers to the Ningbo port area of the base point: 11. Sheshan Island latitude 31 ° 25.3 'longitude 122 ° 14.6'12. Sea reef latitude 30 ° 44.1' longitude 123 ° 09.4'13. Southeast reef latitude 30 ° 43.5 'longitude 123 ° 09.7 '14. Two brothers and latitude 30 ° 10.1 'east longitude 122 ° 56.7'15. Fishing mountain north latitude 28 ° 53.3' longitude 122 ° 16.5 '

The above points are straight lines that are territorial waters. The shipping companies and the captain should carefully study the sea coast of the East China Sea to determine the location of the territorial waters to determine where your ship will be discharged from the sewage will not lead to administrative penalties for maritime authorities. How does the crew regulate the operation?
Accurately understand the contents of the Convention to strengthen the study of international conventions and domestic laws and regulations, combined with the latest map of Ningbo waters. It is true that the term "land" does not refer to a physical or common sense of land, but rather has a clear meaning of the legal definition, simply refers to the Convention referred to as "the nearest land" refers to the territorial waters of China. Less than 3 nautical miles from the territorial waters of the sea to allow the smashing and disinfection of domestic sewage; or 12 miles away from the territorial waters outside the discharge of unsterilized or disinfected domestic sewage. The shipping companies, shipping companies to accurately understand the "recent land" of the real meaning, so as not to cause illegal sewage discharge, thus polluting the marine environment.
Careful operation, strict inspection Even if the understanding of the international conventions and domestic laws and regulations, some crew in the operation is still lack of careful operation. In the case of the above two cases, the crew neglected to forget to close the valve, resulting in direct discharge of domestic sewage in the port area, affecting the coastal marine environment, thus facing high fines.