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ABS Vice President of Global Maritime: data analysis of how to optimize the operation of the ship?
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In the digital and network of the road, the shipping industry may not be the earliest start, but the application potential is huge.On the "ship design and operation of seminars on the times," said Dr. Gareth Burton, vice president of Global Maritime ABS said: "The world is dynamic, affected by many factors, including macroeconomic developments of the world makes data analysis. It is more important to help us make business decisions and reduce risk. "

Dr. Gareth Burton, Vice President, Global Maritime Affairs, ABS  Xu Yining / photography

ABS Global Maritime Division Vice President:How does data analysis optimize ship operations?

Dr. Burton believes that we need to improve efficiency to increase competitiveness, but also need to comply with international environmental protection conventions, such as ballast water treatment, which require us to store data for future services.

"At present, data analysis is mainly used in four areas: market assessment, design evaluation, operational performance and environmental specifications." Dr. Burton said.

In the market assessment, we can do trade model analysis, through the ship positioning information and trajectory information to analyze the potential market opportunities; can also analyze the market segments, such as ship size and price relationship between the trend changes, as well as from the market segment The composition of the ship helps to decide whether the ship needs to be renewed.

In terms of design evaluation, we have new designs and designs that have been designed and found in new designs. Such as the use of existing TEU number and the length of the relationship between the ship regression curve, the design of the new capacity and the relationship between the captain.

In the operational performance, the hull / propeller performance can be concerned about and tracking, observe the relationship between the weight of goods and draft to observe, to determine whether the oyster increased to the extent required to clear. At the same time, by comparing the operating data of the ship with the competitor and the competitor in different circumstances, it is possible to analyze the need for improvement.

In the environmental norms, ABS technical and economic analysis, can help shipowners and operators to judge, with low sulfur oil, heavy oil + scrubber, liquefied natural gas which is more economic. According to the current ABS data observation, the ship size is small, with heavy oil + scrubber more cost-effective; and ship speed, with LNG cheaper.

"We will be increasingly dependent on the data in the future," Dr. Burton said. To the new era of intelligent interconnection is in the "new normal" under the shipping industry to seek a breakthrough path.

Seminar on Ship Design and Operations in the Intelligent Age, sponsored by ABS, invited senior leaders from Shanghai International Shipping Research Center, Design Institute, Shipowners Corporation and ABS Global and attended the lecture to discuss the safety and operation of smart ships. Data in the design of the ship, intelligent ship entry and other topics.